Organic vegetables from Crete!

We are a small family business and we work with traditional way since 25 years. Our priority is always the human being and our ecosystem, the Earth. The logic is simple. We believe in healthy people, who live in a clean environment. We grow our plants with respect for the nature. We offer our own products for logical prices so that they are available for everyone.

How we work

We add organic substance to the ground, compost from manure, leaves, seaweed, etc. For harmful insects we add parasites and predators, like for example the well-known lady bug. We grow small quantities, gradually, of different plants. If one crop should get a serious problem we prefer -instead of continuous spraying- to plant a new crop somewhere else.

  • We grow heirloom varieties with delicious taste (not the ‘long life’ kind).
  • We give our products time to ripen just to reach the customer tasty and full with vitamins
  • All the products we sell are grown by ourselves, from our own gardens.
  • We give a lot of attention and love to our plants and our products.
  • Our products are being checked from the garden until the market or shop.
  • We save seeds from old heirloom varieties.

The result…

The result is an organic vegetable/fruit which is delicious and… beautiful!
Sometimes we do not have enough of some of our products, because of the cold, or problems with insects or diseases. But in no case we add products bought from others. Only this way we can guarantee our customers to eat 100 % organic.
We offer our products for retail as well as for wholesale prices to small shops and tavernes.

The circle of the year

By the end of July we sow the first seeds and by the end of October we start to pick. All the wintertime we pick tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, green beens, peppers, courgettes, lettuce, strawberries etc. The melons and watermelons are sown in springtime. This way we have products until end of June. In summertime we empty the gardens, the ground gets rest and we get ready for the next season.

Vasilis Evaggelidis
Organic farmer

Our products

-different kinds of beef tomatoes
-cherry tomatoes (red, black and yellow)
-vine tomatoes
-aubergines (black, striped and white)
-green beans, red beans, peas, -different kinds and colours of peppers
-different kinds of lettuce
-onions, parsley, dill
-strawberries, bananas and more!

Evangelidis Vasilis

Evangelidis Vasilis